• 'curve chair' is designed for a furniture brand 'karv'. the idea comes from the limitation that we want to use only one machine (cnc) and one material (plywood) in the production process but can produce in high quantities for reduce costs. this chair appear is emphasized to have a 'curve' shape to illustrate a benefit of cutting by cnc, which is infeasible or difficult in other production methods. the assembly of curve chair is also simple becuase it was designed an 'instant joints' and use only gluing and clamping in the production.
  • Client
    Dining chair, Stacking chair
    Production techniques
    CNC cutting, jointing and gluing
    Para plywood / Natural
    Para plywood with Oak, Teak, Indian rosewood and Ebony veneer / Natural
    W435 x L472 x H780, SH440 mm
    Design period
  • 'curve chair' can be stacked up to 5 at a time
  • detail of stacking part
  • detail of structure joinery
  • detail of backrest joinery
  • 'curve chair' in various veneers
  • different finishes
  • prototype development
  • the final one
  • use only cnc machine in the production
  • instant joints for easy to assemble
  • from pieces become parts
  • gluing & clamping in the assembling
  • 1 sheet of para plywood (1220 x 2440 mm) can produce 3 curve chairs with little waste