• We were invited to develop the animation for the newly launched Curupira network. The illustrations were made by our dearest friend Julia Back. We worked from the draft of the script, going through the storyboard and all the animations and compositions of scenes. The audio was made by our partner Carlos C, from Audiolab.
    Thanks to Wellington who was our contact.
  • Frames
  • Process
  • Storyboard
  • Character development by Julia Back
  • Clothing Options
  • Special guest appearance by some of our friends
  • Some color tests
  • Composing the first scene in After Effects
  • Composing the car scene with AE's 3d tools
  • Making the world a greener place with Photoshop and Cycore's Sphere Effect
  • Rigging the character with puppet tools and expressions. This is the walk cycle using animated rotation of pivot points of the body parts.
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