Cupcake "for Santa"

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  •  Hi, my name is Liza and I'm representing not big but very friendly family named Dreamy Emma. Starting from this year, the one of our birth, we strongly decided to bring the joy to those who praise the nature, beauty and warm of handmade craft. We think of Christmas celebration and the decoration, ornaments and lights, which are dear to our hearts, with the significant awe and we want to help you replenishing you collection of Christmas gifts. All our items are made by the craftsmens' skillful hands - from the very first chip to the final bow!

    In our desire to make the lovers of Christmas decoration happy we couldn't ignore Santa: that is why we have prepared the special gift for him. This is the wooden cupcake made of linden, which is carved and painted by hand; it is personally signed in order not to be confused. If you want to present it in person, the cupcake is waiting for you here:
  • Everythig starts with the draft
  • Carving, the same as painted, starts with the general shapes 
  • With step-by-step detailing 
  •  After finishing the carving process, the item needs to be polished 
  • And it should be coated with ground before start painting 
  • We have choosen watercolours and acrylic to paint it
  • And we have fixed the result with glossy lacquer 
  • For Santa we've prepared the special packaging, which will protect the cupcake from damage while travelling to the North Pole 
  • Soft chips will warm the cupcake during its long trip
  • The bow won't let the parcel to be opened by occasion - moreover, it brings our best wishes on it. 
  • Merry Christmas!