Culture Center || مركز ثقافي

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  • Third Year Project
    Damascus University 

  • Culture Center : 

    The Project is  In Bab Sharqi - Damascus -Syria .
    Bab Sharqi : Is A very Old Region and through these ages this area was build and ruined many times so i started my project as Layers  to define the historical period in the site .
    ​ The Project Composed to be suitable for the Site Forces and Designed  In sustainable Methods . 
    The Concept based on the Layers of Culture in the societies , that embodied in the  bundle of papers which the culture were Documented on it . This bundle contains the main Functions in , Then the out door spaces started by shifting the pages  From tis bundle  . 
    These Shifted and Rotated Layers were sheltering the Meeting areas and composing the Site  In different Levels .
    the project and it’s plazaes (meeting areas) , the open air theater and th shleltered area were shifted and delivered from the main mass which is the static , and the other interaction function(out door) are dynamic so it was designed in the spaces composed out side the firm structure of the bundle.