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  • Crystalline
    Coffee Table
  • Dimensions: L 52" x W 30 1/2" x H 20"
    Crystalline is an exciting take on a coffee table. The design of the table is influenced by space-frames, fractals and sacred geometry. A tetrahedron, one of the five platonic solids, is the base shape that is repeated throughout the design.
    The frame is made from MIG welded steel rod. The large cantilever of the top is counter balanced by 16, 1lb. chrome-steel bearings which are locked into the frame. One bearing is left loose so people may feel the weight of one of these bearings. It is located at the tip of the inverted tetrahedron. The bronze, tempered glass top is in the shape of a vesica piscis which makes a nice contrast to the rigid structure of the frame.