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Hand-lettered wordmark created for Crū socks, an urban footwear line based in New York City.
Colorful repeating prints created using the logo have a multitude of uses, including as textile designs and inner packaging prints.
The Process
Early sketches of the wordmark, broken down into categories. The sketch at top center would become the building block for the chosen final logo direction.
The chosen directions were further explored and digitized to continue the conversation
With the script lettering chosen as the final direction, some different styles were explored, including knocking the wordmark out of a black circle
Another re-rendering of the letters to address some feedback and the final wordmark was complete
Crū is a startup lifestyle sock brand based in New York City. I was approached to create a quality wordmark that could be easily replicated in textile and separate the brand from its competition in the urban lifestyle market. After much research, I presented my findings and suggestions to Flor and Connor, the founders, and together we worked to come to a final solution that everybody was pleased with. The final script wordmark was hand-painted to ensure authentic glyph characteristics and then traced, modified, and digitized.