Crossways House

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  • Charlesgate Homes are third generation home builders with a growing reputation for the high end finish of their homes. We were asked to create a complete marketing scheme for their brand new apartment block with 9 high quality, two-bedroom apartments situated in the highly desirable area of Sanderstead in South Croydon. This included both internal and external computer generated images along with 3D floor plans showing the exact layout of the individual apartments for use in brochures and site hoarding.
  • With construction beginning in the first two weeks of 2013, they were keen to get advertising as soon as possible. Whilst they are a very forward thinking developer, predominantly selling homes themselves without the aid of an agent, up until this project Charlesgate had not used such a complete marketing package on their sites. We took control of every part of the process, designing the interiors, assisting in material choices and creating all printed material too.
  • The bold contemporary styling of Crossways House was important to show off when creating the visuals and the camera angles were adapted to take in the best angles possible. We also used the images to assist them on the final choice of external materials by producing alternative renders.
  • The interior design for the visuals was completed in its entirety by Creative Project Services. A key part of Charlesgate's approach is that buyers are able to tweak the finish of their new home before they move in, items such as flooring, kitchen finishes and bathroom furniture are all fine-tuned to meet the exact requirements of the client. It was important that our interior visuals showed off how the different apartments could be arranged depending on the desired style. We worked with the developer and their kitchen supplier to integrate the exact finishes into the images so potential buyers will see exactly what they are buying into, creating a visual that showed all of the materials available. We will continue to work on the project throughout the build, adjusting the images to take in material changes and kitchen alterations that the client wishes to make.
  • The 16 page brochure is intended to allow potential buyers to get an insight into life in Sanderstead as well as the high quality finish they can expect when buying a Charlesgate Home. Heavily image based, we were keen to let them do the talking with the text aimed at guiding the client through the brochure rather than taking over. The development will mostly be sold online and because of this required an animated brochure which could be used on websites and in emails, this is something more and more of our clients are taking advantage of.
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