Crosspoint Church
Monthly News Bulletin
This project was designed when I was a graphic design intern at Crosspoint Church ( The original news piece was a half-sheet of paper with various graphics and some text (as shown below). The news bulletin needed an update in composition and color along with many other basic design rules. I started by simplifying the color palette to black, white and red (of course the blue from the sermon series, non changeable). Next I gathered all the information/events so I knew how to layout the composition. Finally, the pictures and other design elements were added to create the style and feeling of this church in general. The cover photo is of worship leader Scott Reed (Scott Reed Worship) because Crosspoint has a very strong talent presence of music. Other photos include Shawn and Becki Craig (Phillips, Craig & Dean). All photo credits go to Ryan Reams ( and Gina Houston (

Pressrun: 2,000
Dimensions: 5x18 in
Composed in InDesign CS5
Other programs used include Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5
NEW BULLETIN (My design)