Crossed Fantasy. Hysterical Minds Collective

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  • The group of Hispanic artists Hysterical Minds release its 5º exhibition in which has been given freedom to our artists to work on any subject.

    In this exhibition we want to re-emphasize the new additions that have made that we could create our best pack so far with more than 80 works of music, photography, painting and video.

    We would also like to highlight some works such as "Gaia", a photomanipulation fantastic and very good quality Matkraken, "Not a stupid gheisha", an illustration on oil where the color palette is simply sublime, as are details that we can find in it, "Deinonychus atirrhopus" highdarktemplar work in which the lighting and the shapes chosen by the artist create another great illustration and "Perdido" an illustration of Cano totally humorous and very well done.

    Thank all the artists who have made this pack, thanks for helping to excel in each exhibit.