Croquil Pen and Ink Samples

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  • "Smithy" is a croquil and India ink drawing.
  • "Superhero" is a croquil and India ink drawing.
  • "Wee Warrior" is a croquil and India ink drawing with additional tones added using ink wash applied with a brush.
  • I call this one "Slayerdragon"-- it's not a scanned image, just a roughly retouched greytone digital photograph. Turns out that croquil drawings aren't terribly photogenic. Anti-aliasing is the curse of fine line work.
  • I'm aware that there are many ways that people have of spelling "croquil" which is just a squashed form of the words "crow quill". I use the spelling that I myself jotted onto the envelope I keep my croquil nibs in and I like to think that, at the time and place I was introduced to the finest of the families of inking nibs, "croquil" was the accepted spelling. And I refuse to take the spelling of a word (and all of its variations) that drops a lovely letter like 'w' seriously.