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  • A new identity for the Credit Union Movement has been introduced following extensive research of over 200+ Credit Unions across Australia.

    The identity introduces for the first time a consistent image to Credit Union members. The problem of decentralised identity management by inexperienced staff is solved with the use of the 'Identipack'.

    The pack informs, educates and inspires the users to maintain the identity's integrity.

    Other projects included a website, signage, advertising and naming projects for financial products, and divisions.


    "I am writing to express my thanks and thoughts at the completion of what can only be described as the most significant design project in the history of the Australian Credit Union Movement.

    Credit Union Services realised that it needed a local design agency who could provide the international experience and expertise. We needed to think global but act local.

    The documentation and production of the identity materials was complex, of a strategic nature and highly specialised.

    How do we know we have done this successfully? The research undertaken prior to the launch showed that the design solution captured the niche in the market we had identified as being our greatest potential. Added to this greater numbers of credit unions are choosing to use the new identifier. It doesn't get any clearer than this.

    Thank you once again to you and your highly skilled team - you've made this project fly."

    Regina Pascuzzi - Manager, Movement Marketing