Creative Poetry Anthology - Undertow

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  • Creative Poetry Anthology - Undertow (RMIT)
    Typography & Printing
  • Undertow is an anthology which is represents love and darkness, family and growing up. 
  • Water is a principal element and it closely relates to the title,Undertow. No one knows what is happening under the surface of water, it could be the invisible waves, a whirlpool hidden at the bottom of the sea, or another mysterious world.
    Dark blue within the cover could be a better colour to demonstrate something skulking beneath the surface of water. Different layers are composed by dissimilar mediums, such as photograph, illustration, water colour and ink painting, thus they formed subtle colour gradations and texture. Some varied waves in the bottom as in the real seabed, it is too deep to be fathomable, and imbued with illusion as well. Moreover, the clear typeface and its italic serif font established an elegant feel, it was suitable for anthology.