• Creative Collective Effect
    Identity & Campaign Material
    Creative Collective Effect is a fashion show focusing on eco conscious clothing. Initiated by Creative Collective the show, featuring well known brands such as Nudie Jeans, took place during Stockholm Fashion Week. During the night, hip hop group Movits!, fresh back from a month long US-tour, gave a special performance.
    We designed the identity for the show comprising a WordPress blog, a logotype, posters and flyers plus a set of stickers. The key words of the identity were recycling, collaboration, engagement and creativity. This was emphasized on the poster by cropping the logotype to six different pieces and mixing them to create a graphical pattern. Along the lines of each piece, the paper was perforated so that the pieces could easily be ripped out and fit together to form the logotype. This calls for the previously mentioned creativity and symbolizes the act of collaboration and recycling. The perforation lines were set to resemble stitches on garments.
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