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Plans redesign concept I did a while back...
The point of this was to think about how we make the plans page a more successful responsive layout. Currently when the page shrinks down to fit in an iPhone/Mobile browser window it looses shape, and it's hard to see all the content.
A secondary goal was to rethink how we structure plans — making it easier to distinguish plans, and which payment method was right for the user. To do this, I tried bringing all the plans closer to the same level, then divided by price in the one up view.
This also adds in a more detailed view of what Creative Cloud is. This could help increase conversions/purchases by allowing users to easily become familiar with the product while remaining in the purchase experience.
Current plans page in a desktop browser width.
What the page looks like in a re-flowed iPhone size view.
Mobile first — starting with an iPhone 380px grid means ensures this works on mobile as well as larger screens.
Mobile 1-up view. Details around how to pay for the Complete plan.
iPad tablet view — to the top of the current selected plan.
iPad Landscape — tabs more to the left side of the active section. Utilizing the space to show more around "Why do I need Creative Cloud"
Bringing in more contrast, and trying to make the page seem more cohesive with Adobe's modern direction
Learn more about a specific App. Give people a better sense of what they get when they buy Creative Cloud.
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