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Random art everyday
Create Something Everyday
Art is in everything and everywhere. Make one everyday.
This project is a personal collection of random things that inspire my conscious mind and disturb my sleepless eyes. I hope I can use every drop of creativity and mix it with a strong motivation to create something everyday.
August 05, 2012

A for apple and August
Genesis / The Deluge
August 06, 2012

B for bangka and baha
Ulan & Habagat
August 07, 2012
Color System
August 08, 2012

C for colors and cosmos
Koko the white Chewbacca
August 09,2012

D for Dog
It was very late when I got the chance to update this then I got sleepy and went to bed instead (-_-)
August 10, 2012

E for Empty
August 11, 2012

F for Fishy
Pipay the mohawk monkey
August 12, 2012

Not in the mood to do a letter G