Craft Victoria Annual Report

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  • The Crafts Council of Victoria was established in 1970 and grew out of a world wide revival ofinterest in craft and craft practice. In Australia it manifested as a mixture of counter culturalconcerns and fine art, as espoused by teachers, environmentalists and a large section of thebroader community.

    Over the past forty years the organisation has shifted its focus from an exploration of the culturalinteraction between East and West to concentrate on the role of the individual in society. In2012 Craft shortened its name from Craft Victoria to mark a new phase in the development ofthe organisation as it broadens it remit from a state based organisation to one that enhancesawareness of Australian craft and design at state, national and international levels.

    Craft fosters creativity, experimentation and professionalism in contemporary craft and design,presenting it to a wide range of audiences and promoting craft values through exhibitions,commercial opportunities and public programs. 
    Supporting established and emerging practitioners through professional development and promotional services, Craft aims to bring together a vibrant and sustainable contemporary craftand design community in Victoria and nationally,which which represents, promotes and celebrates all craft practitioners. Craft is a carbon neutral business.

    My task was to develop representative pages for the Craft 2012 annual report to demonstrate to the client how I would approach the task of designing their annual report.