Coventry University Degree Show 2011
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Advertising campaign performed by Streetvertise for Coventry University and their students end of year degree show 2011.
Coventry University Degree Show 2011
In collaboration with Coventry University we helped perform a
clean graffiti campaign.
Streetvertise collaborated with Coventry University to perform the viral, clean graffiti, advertising campaign you see below. The event is held for a week for the degree students to show their end of year work to the public and industry individuals.

20 icons representing different courses at the University, were chosen from the shows artwork and we turned into stencils, which we then imprinted onto the pavement.

The campaign was split into two parts. 10 performing arts icons appeared around Coventry City Center and University campus on the 18th of April 2011, a week before performances were due to start, with posters going up in various locations a day or so after the Streetverts appeared.

The following 10 appeared on the morning 18th of May 2011 in advance of the final part of the show opening on the 4th of June 2011.

Streetvertise estimate that there were 450+ clean graffiti impressions (Streetverts) left around Coventry City Center and University Campus.