Costa Rican President Election

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  • Give me a positioning not an election

    It was january 4th 2010, we were comming back from end year vacation.  The telephone rang.  

    On the other side of the telephone was Ms. Fishman "please come to a meeting today afternoon"
    The presidential election was going to happen 24 days after this call, days before the Partido Unidad Social Cristiana had its candidate, Mr. Calderón a former president of Costa Rica that was sentenced 5 years after proving he received bribes from a medical equipment company.

    Mr. Fishman a long time friend of Mr. Calderón took his place looking to be the savior of his Party, "I want to end this with honor, we have only 20 days not to be Calderon's friend who is taking his place but Luis Fishman himself"

    This was the first time that a woman was looking for a presidential election, she was anointed by Mr. Oscar Arias, Noble Peace Prize 1987 and it was a reality that she would win.

    So, we came with this:
  • Announcer:"For whom are you going to vote this february 7?"  Real people:  "The least worst", "The least worst", "The least worst".  Announcer: "Fishman, the least worst"