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Cosmic is a model management that wanted a redesign of their identity before the new fashion season started.
Cosmic Identity
for Cosmic Model Management
Cosmic approached us with the need for a new logo. The brief was simple; create something “fresh” but “classic”. We suggested a redesign of the identity to go with the new logo, unfortunately they were with the new fashion season fast approaching and resources were not available for a complete overhaul.

This logo has elegance and simplicity, keeping it classic but contemporary. It doesn’t bring meaning into itself, which allows it to change when fashion and styles change. This design however still contains that slight peculiarity that is intrinsic to this industry.

We were interested with this project and decided to take it further than just the logo. We wanted to try an unconventional route and started to research into fashion and model industry semiotics. We came to the conclusion that a cat walk would be the best solution and so we took an unconventional approach to the visual communication.