• Corruption.
    Someone should break the chains
  • This poster is a project I did for the Twelfth International Triennial of the Political Poster, Mons, Belgium. I was excited to hear that it actually went trough the jury, and will be part the 150 posters, to be exhibited in the Triennial. There were around a 1000 posters from around the world, sent for this event. This is the first work of mine which enters an international event of this scale. Let's hope for more! 

    Corruption is a theme that is very close to my home, Bulgaria, because it is so commonplace you would almost think it normal around here. According to Transparency International, Bulgaria, is 75th least corrupt country in the world, and the second most corrupt in the EU. 
    There isn't a day in which you don't hear about some corrupt person of authority getting caught in the act. Rarely do you see them doing the time for their crimes anyway. Corruption is a virus that is spreading where there is are no moral values, there is fear for survival and greed. It is self-serving and mass-destructive. My hope is that our children will see a world without this virus, but evidence for that currently is nowhere to be seen.