Corriette Schoenaerts | Creative Press Challenge

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  • For the “Creative Press Challenge”, an initiative by De Volkskrant, photographer Corriette Schoenaerts created the campaign image and film. This initiative serves to challenge creatives to create a single print ad, and nothing more than that.
    “Bad ideas can’t hide in print and good ideas deserve the shine”
    Click here to see Coriette's full portfolio.
  • A short film by Corriette Schoenaerts
    Director: Corriette Schoenaerts  
    DOP: Hessel Walewijn  
    Creative Director: Thijs Biersteker Nomadic.  
    Copy: Pieter van den Heuvel  
    Production: Unit c.m.a.  
    Art: Jelier & Schaaf  
    Light: Mick Durlacher  
    SFX: Superheroes  
    Editor: Will Judge  
    Audio: JONS  
    Music: Amp.Amsterdam  
    EQ: 711, Cam-a-lot & Golden Eye  
    Studio: Allard Studio's 
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