Corporate & Brand Identity - H+H International, Denmark

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    As Europes second largest aircrete manufacturer the products of H+H International can be found in the
    widest variety of commercial and private properties. The business pride itself on not only having the best
    and most innovative aircrete solutions, but also on having real and meaningful relationships with their customers. To help maintain and build on these relationships and to signify its leading position within the industry, it was decided to critically engage with the H+H brand.

    From the outset it was clear that the new brand needed to be clean and simple. Although the technology required to create the perfect aircrete product is complicated, the individual building block – the aircrete slab 
    – can be seen as the simplest distillation of any building. The logo was created with this in mind, building
    on a perfect geometrical grid, with the letters taking up equal amounts of space. The green colour was already heavily associated with the company so it felt natural to keep this as the primary colour lead. To make the brand more impactful, the tone of the colour was optimised, giving it more punch and weight. A new image
    style was also defined, consisting of a mix of reportage style photopgraphy showing the people and places behind the brand and product shots showing the finer detail of aircrete. 
    NB! This case will be updated with some more images very soon....