Coral Retreats

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  • Terra Firma
    World cuisine with the freshest organic farm
    produce from mother earth.
  • Pride
    Dedicated to Delicious Indian cuisine covering and
    showcasing cuisines from Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka,
    Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil nadu.
  • Simply Fish
    When in Rome be a Roman, on the lines of the much clichéd idiom,
    you cannot deprive yourself of the Malvani taste.
    Dedicated to local, national and international sea food,
  • Café Veeran
    A modern take on spatiality south indian coffee
    where other modern coffees,
    beverages and snacks will be served.
  • Pastel
    Bakery where you could by different pastries,
    breads and eat outs, this will be a take away joint
    with service from the counter.
  • Juice Wala
    Hand cart specially designed to stock and grind
    different types of juices fresh from organic farms.
  • Grill Wala
    A hand cart specially designed with a inbuilt barbeque
    where different meats, seafood and vegetables could be grilled,
    the cart could move around our property and our guests could by their choice
    of barbequed dish with their choice of sauce and accompaniments.

  • Baracuda
    Pool bar, where you could swim and have a drink,
    no snacks or eatries will be served here as it may spill
    into the pool, counter service.
  • Susthiti - [ Sanskrit for wellness ]
    Susthiti offers an extension range of massages,
    body scrubs, body wraps, bath therapies,
    traditional Thai herbal body steam, and facials.