• Copia A (2009)
    Short Film by Gervasio Rodriguez Traverso & Pablo A. Díaz
  • Synopsis
    Tells the adventures and misfortunes of Demódoco, a projectionist, who discovers by chance a one-of-a-kind way to get pleasure. However, abusing it leads to risky consequences.
  • Technical data
    Script, Art and Direction: Gervasio Rodriguez Traverso & Pablo Alberto Díaz.
    Original soundtrack: Bernardo Francese & Fernando Chiesa.
    Animation: Gervasio Rodriguez Traverso, Pablo A. Díaz y Nicolás Broner.
    Sound: Bernardo Francese, Fernando Chiesa, Juan Elías y Anibal Tonianez.
  • Stills
  • Awards and Screenings
    "Copia A" has taken part in over 100 national and international film festivals, winning 39 awards. Below are some highlights:
    ArtFutura 2010 (Argentina) | Caras y Caretas Award
    UNICA 2010 (Switzerland) | Silver Medal
    4º Festival Internacional de Animación (Uruguay) | Best Amimated Short Film & Grand Jury Award
    Dragon Award for New Talent (Sweden) | Second Runner Up
    XXIII Marató de Cine Fantástic i de Terror de Sants (Spain) | Best Animation
    Curta-Se (Brazil) | Best Animation in Video  
    Red Stick International Animation Festival 2010 (United States) | Finalist
    Anim´est 2010 (Romania) | Official Competition
    8º International Animation Arts Festival “Multivision” (Russia) | Official Competition
    6º Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey (Mexico) | Official Competition
    50º Annecy (France) | Official Selection
    12º BAFICI (Argentina) | Official Selection
    Melbourne International Animation Festival 2010 (Australia) | Official Selection
  • Sketches
  • Lightning
    Two images of the main lightning set up, plus two renders without post-production showing the active lights in each of this images. We have split them up in two groups:
    The first one contain all the direct lights, including the ones coming from lightning devices included in the scene (desk lamp and ceiling lamp), lights coming from the outside (throw the extractor fan and the door) and dramatic lights (a fake light coming down from the ceiling which helps in outlining the projector, or the overhead light that strengthens the projector´s presence revealing a side that should not be so visible in a more “real” lightning condition).
    The second group contain all the indirect lights, the ones that simulates the bouncing from the direct lights on the scene.  As a rule of thumb, and for dramatic reasons, we have increased the amount of those bounces.
    We decided not to use GI so as to mantain a more tight control over the lighning conditions, reduce the render time and avoid making the production process more complex due to technical issues.  Besides, we were not pursuing a realistic look in this particular project.
    For the rest of the shots included in this short film we have made variations of this main set up, adding or removing sources as required.
  • Texturing