Cool Photo Every Day - December 2011

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  • This winter Vistula's water level was the lowest for one hundred years. This has exposed remnants of
    the old Poniatowski's Bridge (Most Poniatowskiego) which was bombed by Nazis during WWII.

    Tram tracks, Warsaw, Poland
    December 2011
  • Cool Photo Every Day
    because beauty can be found in everything...Some pictures are taken with no bigger idea in mind.
    Simplicity of beauty or complexity of ugliness can be eye appealing 
    and make us press the button. A glimpse of light, shape or a texture
    can be captured or missed forever.
  • Fisherman at Vistula, Warsaw, Poland
    May 2004
  • "Church of The Holiest Saviour" (Kościół Najświętszego Zbawiciela)
    Saviour Square, Warsaw, Poland
    August 2004

  • Decayed wall, Pereca, Warsaw, Poland
    October 2005
  • Flowered balcony of an old building, Warsaw, Poland
    October 2005
  • Antennas and chimneys, Warsaw, Poland
    October 2005