Cookies for geeks

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  • My studio decided to give something to our clients at meetings and those who come to our office. Why not?
    We didn't want do present the same old labeled stuff (pens, notepads). Thus the thought occurred: why not to treat our guests with some yummy-yummy? It should not melt or get spoilt fast – so we came up with the cookies. Cookie-logo? But we don't have an actual logo. And what if they will be shaped as icons of popular social networks and other geek stuff? Indeed, the majority of our clients — web studios and agencies — are real geeks.

    So, we decided to make cookies in the forms of social networks icons. We had designed the molds, ordered the prototypes and have already baked and packed the first batch. On this occasion, we have launched a special promotional page (yet only in Russian). We promise to soon spread the cookies among friendly studios. The others — look for them at various IT conferences.
  • These are the delicious cookies we baked.
  • The culinary molds Invented and made ​​by us.
  • Discuss the concept in this post, in our blog (in Russian or in English) and in twitter by the tag #cookiesforgeeks. All photos of the process in our flickr and few photos here:
  • Making the correct model for each cutter:
  • Growing of the first prototypes is in progress:
  • Churning out the cookies:
  •  The first set baked in oven:
  • Packed:
  • Art director, concept and management: Antony Guglya and graphics: Shabaeva Lena
    Modeling and visual: Altunian Anton
    Design and packing: Alonova Alena
    Prototype: Shabliy Leonid
    Thanks everybody else for support and counseling.

    Heino typeface in legal use (Elena Novoselova, Art. Lebedev Studio), Honey cookies recipe taken from our beloved Foodclub.
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