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Redesign idea for a local specialty product from Japan’s Setouchi region called Kawara Senbei.
Kawara Senbei (瓦せんべい)
Redesign idea for a local specialty product from Japan’s Setouchi region.
This is my submission/contribution to the Roooots Setouchi Specialty Products Redesign Contest 2013

A few words
The name Kawara Senbei comes from the cookies’ resemblance to roof tiles on traditional Japanese style houses. Kawara means roof tile and senbei means cookie. These Kawara Senbei cookies, which are particularly popular among middle-aged women, are baked using flour, egg and sugar.

You can find the whole project here
Before Redesigning
After Redesigning
The logotype
Simple and strong. It is placed into a circle which is strongly associated with the culture of Japan, even if it is not red but black.
The box  
It is in the shape of a roof tile. It is separated into two different parts. Until the middle of the box we have placed the cookies and on the other half there is a handmade construction of a roof tile.
The cookies
Their shape has been unchanged (11×7 cm). Each cookie is wrapped up in special greaseproof paper which is stitched on both sides so as to remain closed.
The construction
The inside roof tile construction is optional. It constitutes a surprise gift which illustrates the meaning of the cookie's name (Kawara Senbei)

Colors & Materials
A few simple colors and low-cost materials easily connected to the culture of Japan.