Contrasts - A solo art exhibition by Astro

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  • Here are my brand new paintings especially created for my solo art show: Contrasts, held the 12th of september 2009 at  Le Sino Boutique & Galerie in Montreal, Canada.

    The concept was simple: to create a strong contrast between my characters at the front and the background. To do that i only used  gray scale colors for the characters along with bold and clean outlines and a more abstract, colorful background filled with trash graffiti or childish drawings. I painted some flowers to balance the roughness of the tentacles or other nasty stuff.
    Also, like always, my characters represent a contrast: cute at first sight but with vicious attitude when you look closer. 

    All my canvas were created with acrylic paint.

    Thanx for looking at my work, i hope you'll like it as i putted a lot of time and love into it:)

  • A serie of 6 canvas, each 20 X 20 inch each.
  • untitled20 X 20 inch.acrylic2009
  • La muerte20 X 20 inch.acrylic2009
  • Les enfants terribles20 X 20 inch.acrylic2009
  • Trois fois mieux20 X 20 inch.acrylic2009
  • Super rappin'20 X 20 inch.acrylic2009
  • Bons à rien20 X 20 inch.acrylic2009
  • A serie of 3 big canvas: 30 X 40 inch.
  • Rocket in a pocket30 X 40 inch.acrylic2009
  • Montréal city rockers30 X 40 inch.acrylic2009
  • Rois de la ruelle30 X 40 inch.acrylic2009
  • Mauvais garçons24 X 36 inch.acrylic2009
  • Astro cool30 X 30 inch.acrylic2009
  • And just for fun, here are some details shots...
  • And finally some pictures of the show, with an installation that i made for a door/entrance for another room where some of my smaller canvas were shown