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Contact Form allows you to add a feedback form easilly and simply to a post or a page.
Contact Form allows you to add a feedback form easilly and simply to a post or a page.

* Actions: There is a possibility of choosing where to send email messages. This can be either any user of the website or any other email.

* Actions: Ability to add a field for attaching a file to the contact form.

* Actions: Ability to add a field for sending a copy of the letter to the user who fills out a contact form. A copy will be sent to email, specified while filling the contact form.

* Label: There is a possibility to change a label when the fields of the form are displayed.

* Bulgarian (bg_BG) (thanks to Martin Jekov)

* Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) (thanks to Breno Jacinto,

* Dutch (nl_NL) (thanks to HostingU, Ronald Verheul, Jan Boeijink )

* French (fr_FR) (thanks to Vincent Cibelli)

* German (de_DE) (thanks to Hartung Thomas)

* Italian (it_IT) (thanks to Ilian Gagliardi)

* Norwegian (nb_NO) (thanks to Tore Hjartland)

* Polish (pl_PL) (thanks to Jarek Spirydowicz)

* Russian (ru_RU)

* Spanish (es_ES) (thanks to Jesús Parra)

* Swedish (sv_SV) (thanks to Martin Tonek)

* Turkish (tr_TR) (thanks to Devrim Bulent Ibis,

If you create your own language pack or update the existing one, you can send the text in PO and MO filesfor BWS and we'll add it to the plugin. You can download the latest version of the program for work with PO and MO files Poedit.

Where I can find settings to adjust work of the plugin after activation?
In the 'Plugin' menu you can find a link to the settings page.

After plugin installation I haven't adjusted the settings. What is the default email address which will be used for a contact via the form?
Default address which was specified during WordPress installation will be used by the Contact Form plugin as the default email address.

How can I add Contact Form to my website?
You need to put [contact_form] shortcode into your page or some post.

After user is choosen via plugin settings page I have got this error: "Please input correct email. Settings are not saved."
This means that you have made a syntax error.

How to use other language files with the Contact Form?Here is an example for German language files.