Contact Center rebranding

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  • The Brand
    "Zvonkoff contact center" is pretty old, sizeable and successful calling services provider in Kiev, Ukraine. It creates and supports hotlines, information lines, telesales, customer care services, organises marketing and social phone questioning, builds customer databases e.t.c. The company is rapidly growing, developing new markets outside Ukraine, gaining more demanding clients and more serious partners. The old logo did not correspond with company's new ambitions, the dialler symbol was archaic and the whole brand looked too marginal and very local. 
    The Task
    The original task was to redesign a logo using an old company name, but we strongly recommended to change it as well. The name "CaVa" - is a french synonym of "What's Up!" or "How are you?".

  • Old logo
  • New logo & new company name
  • Business cards
  • Business cards & letterhead
  • Mugs
  • Branded car
  • Work in progress :)