Construction Drawings: Roof Details

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    Bachelor of Architecture
    Victoria University of Wellington
    New Zealand
  • Building Materials & Construction Paper_Second Year
    Detailed construction drawings

    This course introduced us to the basics of New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) and Department of Building and Housing (DBH). Drawings are presented below as part of a series of a bigger project detailing selected features of a house (group project). Of particular focus was reference to NZS 3604: Timber Framed Buildings.  

    The most interesting thing about this side of Architecture was learning about the core structure of a built form. Having knowledge in the science of construction gives the designer more opportunity, flexibility and strength to design not just an aesthetically or sensorally pleasing form, but a functional one as well.
  • Above: Roof plan showing photovoltaic cells sitting atop purlins and rafters. Sunshading louvers overhang/surround the house.
  • Above: Drainage of water. This drawing indicates a parapet roof, see below for detail of internal gutter.
  •  Above: Detailed section for parapet roof.Internal gutter scupper outlet and wall to roof junction.
    Looking at weather proofing. Research was conducted of the Acceptable Solution for Weathertightness E2/AS1 as well as B2/AS1 Durability.
  • Above: Designing the attachment/joining method of the photovoltaic cells to the roof purlins.
  •  Above: Drawing for louver attachment to roof purlins.