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What the Constitution of the United States means to me; a mixed media piece.
Of the United States of America
The United States is not a perfect country. We are one of the fattest countries in the world. Our media is plastered with a Western idea of beauty contributing to some of the lowest self esteem among young girls. We have the highest teenage pregnancy rate of any established, 1st world country. We have one of the biggest percentage differences between the very poor, and the very wealthy.
We are however, the land of the free. And we are survivors. No matter what holds us down Americans and the Constitution float to the top.
My installation is the Constitution of the United States of America printed on waterproof acetate in a fish tank. The items floating in the water are representations of the issues we are overcoming as Americans. The Constitution on acetate is a representation of my belief that despite it's problems, America can overcome anything, America always floats to the top. Also it represents how the Constitution is “water-proof” and doesn't let it's problems wash away the core belief.