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Conservatory of Music Viewbook
Conservatory of Music 
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Every time we update the Undergraduate Admissions Campaign we follow the design with the redesign of the materials for Biola's Conservatory of Music. The design is always based on the Undergrad Campaign materials, but with a very strong Conservatory voice.

We just wrapped this project about 2 months ago, and it's been quite the buzz around the office.

The campaign consists of more items than pictured, but at the time of this shoot we had three print pieces complete. First, on the far left, is the view book, which is really more of a brochure. The middle top item is a postcard that we hand out when potential students visit campus, the the bottom is a small business card flier that the Conservatory's different musical ensembles take with them on tour. Both the postcard and the flier have a qr code that links to a mini mobile site.
The mini site gives you two options. Listen and Apply. It's all you need. :-)
Creative/Art Direction, Lead Design: Jess Kemp
Typographer: Jeffrey Hiendarto
Photography: Stephen Hernandez