Conqueror - It's not the way you say it...

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  • The rejuvenationof the Conqueror brand empowers the creative community to get their own unique messages to stand out by using the latest papers and printing techniques, including our stunning new bamboo range. From exclusive typefaces to brilliant videos from the best creative talent from across the world, design is truly atthe heart of the rejuvenation of the Conqueror brand.
    To celebrate the launch of the new collection, we have collaborated with world-renowned typographer Jean Francois Porchez from Typofonderie to launch five typefaces for the Conqueror range, as well as creating an exclusive brochure, dedicated to designers. As well as this, we commissioned Reflex group to use materials from the campaign to communicate the message that it's not what you say, but the way you say it.
    Visit for more details and to download these special typefaces!