Connecting Flight

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  • Connecting Flight is a graduation film from University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU).
    While waiting for his connecting flight at the airport, Guy recalls a series of flashbacks which then lead to his internal struggles. However, he later realizes that, everything just has to move on when the time comes.
    Director, Art Director & Animator: Jay Lee
    Music Composer & Sound Designer: João Lobato (SoundBreeders)
    Project Supervisor: Roelof van den Bergh
    Best in Event | Sound and Image Challenge 2014 (Macau)
    Official Selection | Macao International Film and Video Festival 2014 (Macau)
    Official Selection | Monstra - Lisbon Animated Film Festival 2014 (Portugal)
    Official Selection | Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2014 (The Netherlands)
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