Confidential Candy

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    Display and Product Design for the International Sweets Fair 2010
  • The Sweets Project is traditional collaboration project between KISD and Koelnmesse, the Cologne Trade Fair. For ISM, the annual International Sweets Fair we were asked to develope concepts for future product displays in supermarkets. We also developed new ideas for products. But this project and this exhibition was not about the sweets – at least not exclusively. It was about arousing public interest at the point of sale. Starting with the europallet and its partitions we were sup-posed to create displays for the supermarket – interesting, suspenseful, and exiting enough to tempt to a closer look. Of course, products and packagings also were supposed to be designed, but the first aim was the long range effect.

    My concept makes use of the secret agent theme and plays with the images and items that are associated with this topic. Confidential Candy has the look of a dangerous or mysterious Liquid that has been sealed in a high tech container. The consumer will only be able to combine the two substances by deciphering the code.
    Throughout the supermarket hidden sensors are equipped with 3-way nummerical codes. When found, these codes can be used to open and enjoy the secret sweet combination. The display looks like a big suitcase that would be used by special agents to transport their secret equipment. The packaging for two Sweet Substances is also resembling the agent suitcase and takes the agent look outside of the supermarket.