• Confessions
    Berghs c/o AAU International Collaborative Project_2 /// Summer 2012
    Get pirates to confess their crimes and, in reward, Adobe gives them exclusive benefits. Timeframe: 4 weeks.
    The best way for Adobe to get college kids to use their new Creative Cloud service, which gives you access to all the latest Creative Suite tools, was by targeting the ones who already use Creative Suite the most: pirates. We came up with an attention-grabbing solution that hopefully not only gets Adobe scores of new customers, but also positions Adobe as more forward-thinking than any other major software brand today.
    Tagline: Adobe forgives you, because creativity is uncoditional. You may enter the (creative) cloud.
    Art Director: Belen Tenorio
    Graphic Designer: Fred Carriedo
    Copywriter: Karl Keily
    Project Manager: Lisa Sigrid Lindgren
    Account Planner: Kamilla Dala
    Concept: Confessional, religion, the heavens.
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