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An original composition for the electric cello recorded in May 2013.
Confession to the Moon
Original Composition by Lauren K. Jones.
Copyright 2013. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
"Last Friday night, at around two in the morning, I finally recorded a version of my moon composition that embodied everything I wanted. After playing it probably hundreds of times in the last couple of months I finally had a version that conveyed the emotions I had envisioned in my head.
When I initally wrote the piece, I felt inspired by the full moon. Something about it gives me feelings of peace, excitement, and an insistent creativity that can't be ignored.
When I write music, I don't think of it at all in any kind of structured way. I actually find that to be very hard and it generally stops me in my tracks when I try to write a part. I don't think in terms of verse, chorus, bridge, chorus or any kind of traditional "classical" form. I don't even think in terms of keys. Sometimes I can think in terms of genre, but I find even that to be restricing at times. I create my best art when I simply allow the emotions to pour forth however they are manifesting themselves in my head. That can mean that the different pieces I write can have very different sounds.
This piece in particular calls upon some sounds I haven't made on my cello in quite a long time. In order to convey what I envisioned in my head, I had to think back to my classical training. I pulled the full, clean, calm sound from Bach and then added the passion from the romantic solo pieces I love to play on stage. Finally, I added some of the experimental sounds and scratches from the 20th century composers that always made the other classical musicians around me just a little bit uneasy (but I always loved). For the notes and composition itself, my inspirations were some of the artists I always turn to for solace: Tool, Anoushka Shankar, and Sheila Chandra.
I enjoyed writing and recording this piece. It was nice to revisit some of the playing styles I used when I played more classical music. I am already planning a Flash animation music video to go along with this piece. However, all this calm music has built up a serious need to rock out inside me. I've already started writing my next piece and it will take on a much different tone."