Concise English-Slovenian & SlovenianEnglish Dictionary

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  • Our goal was to contain two large dictionaries in one smaller book. It took me a year and a half and 47 layouts to desing a trully functional and still handy Dictionary.
    It contains 39,500 articles and 27,000 subarticles in total 1352 pages, dimensions 205 x 205 mm.
    It has 9,000,000 characters or 6650 characters per page. That's approximately 18 average novels.
  • Logo. Accurate Slovene translation for Concise means “handy“.
  • All abbrevations used in the book are easy to find.
  • Pronounciantion words are accessible on every spread.
  • Irregular English verbs are easily accessible.
  • photos: Peter Koštrun