Conceptual Portrait
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Conceptual portrait illustration with hidden meaning behind. Commissioned by The New Republic.
Commissioned by The New Republic to illustrate for LIFER, a new column started in 2013. This bi-monthly section talks about one person each time. Interesting yet challenging, these are my  attempts to tell a story through portrait. 

Illustrator: Tang Yau Hoong | Creative director: Dirk Barnett | Year: 2013
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Kathryn Bigelow
What Kathryn Bigelow understands about the war on terror that no other director does. Read the story here.
Roger Ailes
Roger Ailes's Border War: Can the Fox News CEO make his network more Latino-friendly? Read the story here.
Wayne Lapierre
Gun Shy: Wayne Lapierre's surprisingly delicate psyche. Read the story here.
Tiger Woods
Tiger’s Beat: The joylessness of watching Tiger Woods, the world’s once-best athlete. Read the story here.
Prince Charles
Your’re a Good Man, Charlie Windsor: Sympathy for the forever prince. Read the story here.
Andrew Cuomo
Meanwhile, Inside Andrew Cuomo’s Head… It’s Mario vs. Bubba, again. Read the story here.

Robert Downey Jr
The Robert Downey Jr. Rehab Program: Popcorn flicks can save your life. Read the story here.
Mitch McConnell
How Mitch McConnell Enabled Barack Obama: He’s won numerous tactical victories. His legacy will be strategy defeat. Read the story here.
Betty White
Betty White Is Not a Sex Machine. Our culture’s cruel obsession with dirty old women. Read the story here.
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Online Shop of signed fine art prints, join the mailing list.