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Concept design of the label carbonated beverage.
Concept design labels medium carbonated beverage "Pear"(Грушевый).
Refined the concept design small medium carbonated beverage that once did not like the employer in an interview. 
Technology of production of the drink "Pear", developed back in the distant 70's of last century, has not changed and remains to this day. "Pear" is made only with natural sugar syrup and sugar color without the use of synthetic dyes and sweeteners. At the heart of the drink - water , " Kasmalinsky ", which is extracted from underground lakes Kasmalinsky unique boron, and is characterized by the almost complete absence of nitrates in it - harmful nitrogen compounds . It is the use of water and natural ingredients gives the drink a great taste of nostalgia for a distant light soda double syrup. "Pear" has proven itself in consumer confidence and keeps the brand 's best-selling .
When you create a label I made ​​an emphasis on bright, tasty and rich colors that are so attractive to young people. For the background I have a green color. Green means peace of mind, good luck, renewal, health, freshness, vitality, it is also a symbol of the environment.

​I personally do not like what is currently on the labels of many drinks use rather unnecessary and distracting view of design elements.
To the main green color I added minimalism.
In my opinion a bright and tasty label with elements of minimalism ever remembered by young people, and developed a taste even in the distant 70s of the last century emphasize all the sophistication of the drink.
I am sure that any successful marketing company able to bring this product to the world market and even more so to compete with such giants as Coca-Cola or Pepsi. At least in Russia.
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