Concept & Design of Corporate Identity for PLANET club

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  • Logo Concept
    Reworked logo on the basis of the original one, but with added "more passion" on clients demand.
    You can see the original logo at the bottom
  • Details of the logo
    Inspired both from the eclectic interior of the club and from the live music and thematic parties held there
  • Textile pattern for furniture
    Damask pattern for sofas in the boxes and bar stools
  • Detailed view of postage stamps
    Different postage stamps with different messages and themes
  • Business cards
    square shape 55x55mm with same face and different back according to the job
  • Detailed view of the Business cards
    The artwork at the back of the card is always connected with the job description
  • Club menu and pocket DJ program
    The design is set with active colorful art corners and different ribbons as section headers
  • ¬†
    Detailed view of the Club menu
    The artwork is loaded with humor and is always connected with the page content.
  • CD design
    The design is set for 4 CD's trough the year - Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • Detailed view of the CD
    Here are shown as example two of the designs - the composition logic stays the same in the other two, only the color code and the elements change according to the season
  • Sampled Invitations
    Different sizes of invitations
  • Detailed view of few invitations
    As set in the corporate identity mainframe, again the design has eclectic approach
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