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concepts and Character designs for advertising and game design for range of clients including packaging,
Kinder concept characters,Studio Liddell
Expression sketches for a "Lime" character
Sketch for packaging for new cereal box, Kellogs
 A series of designs for advertising packaging and promotions for the release of  a Lara Croft Game
Story board for animated film for promotion of the latest Lexus car
One of a series of Visuals for Clock Creative London
One of a series of Visuals for Manchester city council
Fina World Swimming Championship 2008
Character designs  for the CO OP (sheep family) 
 Designs for Coca Cola vending machines
Design for a sea captain (interactive game) a cross between a young  James bond / Doctor Who /  Indiana Jones for 
Studio Liddell.
Jack in the box design for packaging for the CO OP
Character design (Rowland) for the chemist chain Lloyds Pharmacy, Final Characters created in 3D Studio Liddell
Series of character designs for National car parks NCP ,final figures to be created in 3D, Studio Liddell
3D modelling and Animation by Studio Liddell
design sheet for Hippo character for Silent Night beds,3D animations and stills  created by Studio Liddell
3D modelling and animation by Studio Liddell
3D modelling and animation by studio liddell
Character sheet for animation  for Children's Tv series
Concept for childrens TV Series animation (Studio liddell)
Designs for characters for children's TV series pitch ( a)
final choice character chosen for children's TV series
Interactive backdrops for animation series in the style of Famous artists
Warm Guard character creation including ,3D models by Studio Liddell
3D modelling and animation by Studio Liddell
left hand side created in sketchbook  right hand side photoshop
illustrated in pencil on layout paper