Concept Café Oslo

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    Graphic profile for a fictional line of cafeterias in the Oslo-area. They all focus on enhancing the experience of eating out with strong concepts. The key values are: Experimental, eye-opening, personal and energizing.

    We chose to develop three concepts based on the type of food served. Focusing on the materials and elements utilized, we came up with the names Wicked Wood, Furious Fire & Glorious Glass. The idea of creating a new and different experience for every visit is visualized in the logo depicting the various elements shooting out of a magicians top hat.
  • Moodboard, Furious Fire
  • Moodboard, Wicked Wood
  • Moodboard, Glorious Glass
  • Letterhead.
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  • Profile manual.
  • Employee outfits.
  • Exterior design concept.
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