Complex Weaves

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  • Handloom weaving also consists of a a large number of complex weaving techniques that have been derived over time. Double cloth, extra weft, backed cloth are a few different types of fabric woven using complex techniques.
     The idea behind the project was an attempt to create textures through weaves that are three dimensional and not just flat fabric.These are a couple of fabrics created and woven by hand to demonstrate each of these complex weaving techniques. There is a double cloth created with stuffing in different segments, pleated double cloth, as well as backed fabric and cloth with extra weft segments.
    Inspiration boards
    The editor chosen as an inpiration for this project is the Italian house Fadini Borghi. Their fabrics are primarily summed up of Jaquard weaves, embroidery, sheers, velvets that exude Italian luxury, precious weaving, dramatic sumptiousness, virtuosity, baroque, grand prestige and sophistication. They have been driven by the ambition to represent the charm and splendour of Italian made fabrics since the 14th century.
    This collection is a handloom representation of the feel of this editor.
  • Final Moodboard
  • Double cloth
  • Backed fabric
  • Extra Weft