Competition Young Creative Chevrolet / 1.Place

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  • Chevrolet Spark
    People and their emotions
    People´s emotions are conditional by neural system in which stirs different wave-length still chill down. Our inspiration arise from emotions between man and machine car. We use human´s neural system as basic element of life and printed circuit as machines source of energy for expression of this relation. Between individual segments arise stirs - sparks, which provide tension between Spark and driver.

    Vizual design

    Graphic is designed for double-plan perception. In the first plan expresive flashes attrack observer. These flashes subconsciously attract people for research, because it´s beheld new strange event. They force man to stop and again and again to establish that this moment which he sees isn´t optic illusion. But when he searches this car from a short distance, he takes note of tender and eleganter graphical working of details.


    Impress is designed for use lenticular prints technology, which makes possible creation impresions moving or 3D Picture. For generation fluent animation we use six different picture of spread chromosome. So if car´s moving creates impresion moving discharge in nerves.