Compaq Computer 3D Product Demonstration Software

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  • Multimedia Product Demo Software for Compaq Computer was utilized at tradeshows and contained 3D animation, digital paintings, digital imaging, digital textures and programming code to deliver the e-signage content in a single EXEcutable file. Content was truecolor when the industry was using 8-bit (indexed) color and the content still impresses viewers to this day, a full decade later.
  • 3D Animation for Compaq Computer leverages real-world physics and Particle Systems to create a memorable experience using 3D Studio MAX.
  • 3D Animation for Compaq Computer utilizes character animated particle systems to create a ghostly animated vapor that emerges from a lava-ized logo to bounce around the screen.
  • 3D Animation for Compaq Computer features surfaceconforming particle systems that bring in the Corporate Brand toreplace the Product Brand in a photorealistic and captivating tradeshowdigital signage animation.