Compacting Creeps

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  • Compacting Creeps
    Box Brothers
  • I have been on this kick of compacting faces to fit a form of a cube. These are just experiments and ideas mainly. Also trying to find that groove to fall in when it comes to executing a painting. These are all oil paintings with an acrylic under base. These were done at different times, I believe the first was done sometime in the fall last year, and were all displayed at various art exhibitions.
  • This Skull Block painting was the first painting I did just messing with an idea I had drawn in my sketchbook.
  • This is Zissou Fishtank. Shortly after I did the Skull Block painting I was asked to participate in the "Bad Dads 2" show for the Spoke Art gallery in San Fransisco. I picked Bill Murray's character, Steve Zissou, and wanted to see if I could smash his face up in a box as well.
  • I had a few process photos from the acrylic sketch and then some layering. Flesh tones have always been troublesome for me.
  • These last two were more recent, probably from a couple months ago. I didn't really have a whole lot of time to work on paintings so I wanted get a few ideas I had out of my sketchbook and work on really trying to find a solid process to produce paintings quicker and more efficiently. I am still learning, and practicing when I get the time. Gotta get that learnin' in!
  • Skull Mountain with a few process shots.
  • Cubed Meat and some shots from the first acrylic sketch.
  • Oh and I found out that the flies really love that lead paint almost as much as I do!

  • This is not painting, but to continue on the cubed creeps, I finished this shirt design the other day that I thought would fit along with the idea.
  • I am going to continue experimenting with cube form, and with the painting. I already have a few other projects in the works, some resin figures, and other paintings. So I hope you enjoy these creeps.