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Working in a team, we made a concept game with accompanying touch points to 'pitch' to a bigger gaming company.
Community Curb Check
The only direction that our instructor gave us for this project was to work in teams of no larger than five, to create something that would last for the duration of the class and to figure out our teams and the idea for a project by the end of the first class. This project was fairly open ended which was something different from what I had previously experienced. 

I found a team pretty quickly which consisted of four graphic designers and one animator. It took us a good amount of time to come up with an idea that would incorporate all of our different skills and would be fun to work on. Eventually we came up with an idea to do a game concept. Given only eleven weeks to complete this project, we knew we wouldn't have enough time to create a full game, so we decided we would create a concept and 'pitch' it to our teacher as if we were a smaller company pitching to a larger game company such as Electronic Arts, Valve or BioWare. 

We discussed all of what we wanted to create and pitch to our instructor and came up with making a company logo for ourselves, the game logo, packaging for the game including a special box for a special edition, cd label, game manuel, advertising, t-shirts, a website, and for our animator, character design and animating a short promo video. I personally came up with both logos, the game manuel including all of the body copy, and I also made the t-shirts. 

As with the Catalog project, I feel effortlessly into the role of leader, making sure everyone was on the same page, all of our pieces worked with everything and everyone was doing their part. Though I can be shy and quite around people at times, I have come to find that I excel at maintaining order in a group setting.
This is our team logo. Most of our team had read the manga Azumanga Diaoh and some how on the first day we got to talking about it and declared ourselves Team Sea Slug, one of the team names from the book. I went home so excited about this that I drew up a logo real quick, brought it in next class and they all loved it! From then on we were proud to be Team Sea Slug!
This is the logo for the game, Community Curb Check.

The concept behind the game was the main character is fed up with people doing stupid and annoying things around their hometown so they decided to take it upon themselves to beat the crap out of anyone who annoyed him/her. I think that makes it clear that this is an 'M' for mature rated game. 
This is one spread of the twelve page game booklet that would be in the game case. I wrote all the body copy for all twelve pages, including a customized warning on the first page of the booklet. I had a lot of fun with writing the copy because of the tone I used. Since this is a game where the main character is mad at everything, I continued that trend in the copy. On closer inspection, the reader would find that they are in fact being yelled at (in a humorous way) throughout the entire manuel.