Communities - Brazilian Food Selection.

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  • Created & Designed by Enivrance.
    ** This was a Labor Projection Mapped held in the City of São Paulo - Brazil.
    The Projection Screen was 66 feet by 13. And the whole movie was in 9 minutes. With variations flank 20 min.
    The ‘‘Seleção Brasileira de Alimentos’’ is a team of 13 world class food branded innovations coming from Brazil. Each brand expresses a bold vision to outperform world existing standards. Each innovation is at the edge of its product category and carries the ambition of signing new food pleasures and lifestyles dedicated to world consumers. Beyond innovation, this is a world communication event which clearly positions Brazil as a bold global food innovator and lifestyle provider. Every featured company, whatever the size, being a leader or an emerging actor, shares the same concern of challenging standards.
  • * C o m m u n i t i e s ! 
    - Client: Enivrance. 
    - Production: Visualfarm. 
    - Director: Gustavo Rangel.
    - 3D Production: Munari El-Khatib III & Gustavo Rangel. 
    - 2D Production (Layout):  Munari El-Khatib III & Suellem Feroldi.
    - Illustration: Jõao Pirolla.
    - Master Comp: Alessandro Gerace